Operation Hope

Hope for a Bright and Prosperous Tomorrow

Operation Hope was founded in 1989 to extend a hand to homeless individuals and families who need help in troubled times.

As a social service organization, we recognize that it is difficult to sustain hope for tomorrow when today seems so uncertain. Our mission is to provide whatever physical, emotional, and financial support we can to put needy men, women, and children back on their feet. Just as important, in doing so we help to restore their dignity and pride.

Operation Hope provides a variety of services to assist the less fortunate, including a temporary shelter in Lake Park, access to other housing, and additional resource options. Thanks to the contributions of individual donors, community organizations, and area businesses, we are able to spread the joy of the holiday season through our annual toy drive. We know that, in many cases, our efforts mean the difference between a bleak Christmas and presents under the tree; the difference between battling the elements and a bed to sleep in; the difference between a hungry stomach and a decent meal.

At other times of the year, too, we draw upon the generosity of Palm Beach County residents and businesses to provide some of the basic everyday needs of homeless families. We welcome in-kind donations and financial contributions, as well as the gift of volunteer time. Our donors and volunteers are rewarded by the faces of families that have reclaimed their dreams through Operation Hope and its supporters.


If you wish to volunteer for Operation Hope or make a donation to our cause, please call Ken Bowers at 561-396-7969 to learn how you can help. The need in Palm Beach County is especially great this year, and we are eager to welcome you to our team.

We appreciate donations and financial assistance, which will aid us in helping others. Partnerships with local businesses and other organizations are welcome. The need is exceptionally high and we cannot accomplish our work without your help. Help to support our efforts through your gifts and donations.

Contact Information:

Ken Bowers

1253 10th Street

Lake Park, FL  33403




Operation Hope provides a hand today for more hope tomorrow

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